Thursday, October 30, 2008

Faith in a Good Man!

I first met Msgr. Harris in September of 1983 back when he was just Fr. Harris to those of us that knew him well. He was certainly an intimidating presence back then....especially when you are 5'3 and 125 lbs soaking wet. He came off as a stern disciplinarian at first but I quickly grew to realize that he was smart, kind, and a very witty guy that just wanted the best for all of us at Cathedral Prep. I will always remember Fr. Harris telling me to stand up straight at the Clairvaux Retreat House after I grew to a towering 5'6. I often thought of that as I proceeded to grow almost another foot. I learned a lot from Fr. Harris about never giving up, always try to find humor in every situation, and always being prepared to put your best foot forward in everything that you pursue.

The man that I knew couldn't hurt a young man and anyone for that manner. I truly believe that his accusers have misconstrued situations. I'm quiet sure that Fr. Harris will face this adversity with dignity and his faith will only grow. There are thousands of people that have faith in this man so hopefully this terrible situation will end in a fair conclusion.

Ed McCool
Cathedral Prep (Class of '87)

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